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How to Live Longer and Feel Better

Copyright 2006, Oregon State University Press ISBN 978-0870710964

by Dr. Linus Pauling

First published in 1986, this is the twentieth anniversary edition.

From the Introduction: "This book discusses some simple and inexpensive measures that you can take to lead a better and longer life, with greater enjoyment and fewer illnesses.  The most important recommendation is that some vitamins be taken every day to supplement the vitamins that you get in your food.  The best amounts of the supplementary vitamins and the best way to take them are discussed in the first chapters of the book, and the reasons for taking them are discussed in the following chapters."

This is the book that captivated me about nutrition.  Dr. Pauling states his case clearly and most convincingly in a very easy to read style.  My top recommendation.

Please read my full review here.


Robert F. Cathcart, M.D., Orthomolecular Medicine

Cathcart is a leading proponent of vitamin C.  His work is terrific, includes lots of his personal experiences and definitely worth visiting.


Doctor Yourself

Dr. Andrew Saul's new and extensively referenced site concerning nutrition and your health.  Welcome to the web, Andy.  It is very good to have you.


Vitamins: On the Net

An amazing source of links about vitamins including cforyourself.


Alternative Medicine Homepage

Run by the Falk Library of the Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh.  TONS of Internet links.  Let us know your favorites.


Do You Need a Health Coach?

Dr. Stoll's excellent site that gives a balanced approach to allopathic (conventional) and alternative medicine approaches.

The Complete Book of Vitamins

Copyright 1992, Wings Books  ISBN 0517081326

by The Editors of Prevention Magazine

Very thorough textbook-style discussion of vitamin, their value and their application to disease.

Get Healthy Now! Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Prevention, Treatment and Healthy Living

Copyright 2006, Seven Stories Press  ISBN 1583227539

with Gary Null

Over 1000 pages.  The subtitle, A Complete Guide to Prevention, Treatment and Healthy Living is not far off.  Gary Null is outstanding.  He discusses nutrients, diet and many conditions and illnesses and how they are affected by diet.  Very good reference.

Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide

Copyright 1993, Future Medicine Publishing  ISBN 0963633430

by Burton Goldberg Group (Compiler)

Big (1100 pages), comprehensive book with tons of references and source information.  Explainations of therapies and individual coverage of many illnesses. Three hundred and fifty contributing doctors. A must have.

Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient

Copyright 1979, W.W. Norton & Co.ISBN: 0393038874

by Norman Cousins

Norman Cousins extremely popular book describes how he overcame a "fatal" illness of the connective tissues.  An outstanding and easy to read account that deserves a more lengthy disscussion than a few sentences here.  Please click here to read about Cousins, the human spirit and vitamin C.

Psychodietetics: Food As the Key to Emotional Health

Scarborough House  ISBN 081286266X

by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, Dr. W. Marshall Ringsdorf, Jr. and Arline Brecher

Your brain is an organ first and this book describes how diet effects our brain and how certain conditions result.  Easy to read.

Diet and Disease

Copyright 1995, Keats Publishing  ISBN 0879836660

by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, Dr. W. Marshall Ringsdorf, Jr. and James W. Clark

Midwest Book Review:  What is the role of nutrition in health and disease, and how does nutrition form a component of the disease state? This considers the role of diet in both health and disease, considering dietary interrelationships and physical and psychological disorders.

I have not read this yet, but Cheraskin is right on track.

Nutrition Against Disease

Copyright 1980, Bantem Books  ISBN 0553230662

by Roger J. Williams

Roger Williams, the discover of the B vitamin pantothenic acid, is a top researcher.  This book is a classic and well worth reading.

Mega-Nutrients: A Prescription for Total Health

Copyright 1987, The Body Press ISBN 0-89586-566-1

by H.L. Newbold, M.D.

A comprehensive volume about nutrition from a leader in the field.  Explains our body systems and why we need to eat what we need to eat (not what the media tell us to eat).

Carlton Fredericks' New Low Blood Sugar and You

Copyright 1985, Perigee  ISBN 0399510877

by Carlton Fredericks

Frederickís is a leading authority on nutrition.  His books make a lot of sense and are easy to read.  This one discusses the severe problems associated with refined sugar and how our tremendous consumption leads to hypoglycemia.  Refined sugar is, in my opinion, the most important food for most everyone to restrict their consumption.


Alternative Medicine Connection

News, practitioners, organizations, books, products.


LIFELINES Medical Links: Internet Connections to Medical and Health-Related Sites.

Nicely laid out.  Some interesting resource links.


Achoo On-line Healthcare Services - Home Page

Large database of health issues.


New England Journal of Medicine On-line - Home Page

Obviously technical, but worth a visit.


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Technical as well.  A good source for recent research papers.


Nutrition: Medicine of the Future

Good overview of orthomolecular medicine (a term coined by Linus Pauling).


Yahoo! - Health:Nutrition

Lots of links to nutrition sites, including Cforyourself.


The Why Files

A very interesting (to me) site funded by the National Science Foundation.  They provide the "Science behind the news".


Phys-Nutrition for Normal People

A thorough, well laid out site full of nutrition advice.  Tends to the conventional wisdom, but overall, well worth visiting.

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